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Inclusion School-Based Day Treatment Programs                         

Providence’s Merrymeeting Center and Achieve! Programs are school-based programs offering early intervention and Behavioral Health Day Treatment for children and adolescents, in grades PreK-12, who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities and/or emotional and behavioral disorders. Providence’s school-based programs integrate Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Social Work services to provide children and adolescents with comprehensive behavioral, academic, and therapeutic supports that promote the acquisition of skills they need to integrate successfully into local school and community settings.

Providences' Team
Providence’s school-based team consists of:

  • Certified Special Education Teachers,
  • Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist,
  • Licensed Psychologists,
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers,
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors,
  • Licensed Occupational Therapist
  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts,
  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts,
  • Educational Technician IIIs,
  • Behavioral Health Professionals

All school-based professionals receive 100+ hours of training in applied behavior analysis, ethics, child development, trauma, and other fundamental topics related to working effectively with children, families, and school personnel. School-based staff are committed
to continue to learn, train, and apply best practices as they emerge.


Providence’s Achieve! Program
Providence’s Achieve! Program is a Special Purpose Private School and Behavioral Health Day Treatment program for children and adolescents in grades K-12 with emotional and behavioral disorders. The Achieve! Program offers behavioral, academic, and mental health supports that promote the acquisition of skills children and adolescents need to integrate successfully into local schools and communities. 

Program-wide interventions designed to encourage active engagement in programming, behavioral stability, and social-emotional skill development include implementation of daily activity schedules, a token economy and level system, individual and small group therapy sessions, and regular home-school collaboration. These program components are supplemented by individualized academic and behavioral interventions that build on children’s and adolescents’
unique strengths. Achieve! Program staff implement these interventions while collecting meaningful data, which are analyzed weekly to guide decision-making about programmatic modifications.

The goal of the Achieve! Program is to successfully reintegrate children and adolescents into their local public schools by using proactive, evidence-based strategies that recognize the diverse range of environmental, interpersonal, and individual variables that impact behavior. Accordingly, Achieve! program staff work collaboratively with families, host school professionals, and outside mental health providers to assess needs, develop individualized treatment plans, and deliver services that are intended to support healthy functioning in local schools and communities. These services may be provided in day treatment or public school classrooms, throughout the entire school day or episodically when intensive support is needed.

(PMC) Providence’s Merrymeeting Center

Providence’s Merrymeeting Center provides educational and behavioral health services to children and adolescents, in grades PreK-12, who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related developmental disabilities. Services include early intervention within a licensed, inclusive preschool; academic programming in a Special Purpose Private School for grades K-12; and behavioral health services designed to promote behavioral stability, independent life skill acquisition, and the development of communicative and interpersonal competencies.

The Merrymeeting Center utilizes the evidence-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to promote academic, behavioral, communication, self-sufficiency, and social skills. All services are driven by Individual Education Programs (IEPs), Individualized Treatment Plans (ITPs), and Positive Behavior Support Plans, which are developed on the basis of individualized assessment data and family input. Emphasis is placed on teaching children and adolescents functional communication skills and providing opportunities for community integration. In line with the program’s mission to provide services in the least restrictive environment, supported integration into local public schools also is offered.

Referral Information

» Click here to Download a Referral Form and select Providence's School-Based Day Treatment Services. Please fax or mail completed referral form to the location that is nearest you.  If you are unsure of which location, please contact our state administrative office at (207) 373-0620 or email us at: Contact Us.

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