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Welcome to Providence Human Services in Maine!

Providence Service Corporation, the parent organization of Providence Human Services of Maine is a nationally established mental health organization. Providence provides comprehensive family-centered services for children and adolescents in several states.

Services in Maine include: Children’s Home and Community Based Treatment (Sect. 65), Virtual Residential Program©, Children’s Outpatient Therapy and Assessment Services, Children’s Rehabilitation and Community Treatment Services (Sect. 28), Targeted Case Management Services, and School and Center-Based Behavioral Health Day Treatment.

Providence is
committed to providing the highest quality services to clients and their families


Providence serves children and adolescents between the ages of 0 to 20, and their families, in home, community, school-based and other settings. The client base is representative of the ethnic diversity present in the State of Maine. Children receiving services have a history of behavioral health issues, severe emotional disturbance, autism and/or mild mental retardation. Services are designed for clients in need of therapeutic supports to be successful in their home and community environments. This includes clients who are at risk for out-of-home placement or family disruption as well as clients who are transitioning from more intensive services (such as residential or inpatient treatment).

Providence's mission is to ensure the provision of accessible, effective, high quality community-based counseling and social services as an alternative to traditional institutional care. Providence Human Services is dedicated to ensuring that all clients have access to professional community-based care, proven treatment methods and comprehensive service planning. Providence offers a wide variety of programs across the country that share a primary commitment to provide care that builds on our clients' strengths and addresses to their unique, individual needs. 

Providence is the largest provider of home-based behavioral health treatment services to children and families in the State of Maine as well as the leader in providing evidence-based education and treatment services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

In Providence’s 14 years in Maine, we have set the standard for how home-based treatment and Autism services are provided. We are family-centered, strengths-based, solution focused and outcome oriented. We listen to the needs expressed by the children, families and communities we serve and respond with interventions that draw on the strengths of all three to affect lasting behavioral change. Our name, Providence, means exercising care and foresight for the future. We see children as the future and our job as partnering with families, schools and communities to help ensure bright futures for Maine’s children.  

Providence’s philosophy is best communicated through the belief that the family is the most powerful social institution we have and should be supported and preserved whenever possible.  This is best done, in most cases, by supporting the family in the home and community.  Our commitment to the importance of the family is reflected in the home, community and school-based services offered and our collaborative systems approach that utilizes both the internal family system and a community network. Through this collaborative approach we are able to implement services that focus on family strengths instead of problems, thus, resulting in decreases in the frequency and intensity of conflicts between parents and youth as well as interfering behaviors and other mental health symptoms. A significant role of Providence staff is to give youth and families the opportunity to learn needed skills and make positive changes in a safe setting by helping them manage their daily lives so that their time and energy are not exhausted by reaction to crisis.

Providence believes that an approach which is based on the youth’s and family’s strengths and which helps them both access the resources which exist in their community has the greatest potential for long-range effectiveness.

Providence is an agency that is dedicated to providing services in a manner that is trauma-informed and sensitive to the experiences of the children, youth, and families we serve. The social, emotional, developmental, and behavioral needs of children and families are addressed through trauma sensitive approaches and in some cases through a trauma specific model of treatment. All services provided by Providence value safety, confidentiality, and respect for the experiences of the children, youth, and families we serve. Providence strives to be informed of children, youths’ and families’ cultural values and beliefs and to believe in implementing interventions and treatment approaches in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner. 

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